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"The Brothers" Sold Out Madison Square Garden Show to be Rebroadcast this Weekend on nugs.tv

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Posted by Rowland on Jul 01, 2020 - 10:53 PM

Surviving members of the ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND came together Tuesday, March 10 as THE BROTHERS for an acclaimed, sold-out, one-night-only show celebrating 50 years of the iconic American band’s legacy at Madison Square Garden in New York City. In partnership with nugs.net--the leading live music platform for concert recordings and live streams—the “50th Anniversary Celebration of The Allman Brothers Band" is now available for purchase on nugs.tv in HD or stunning 4K, and will be rebroadcast beginning this Friday (July 3) at 8PM EST – Sunday (July 5) Those who purchase the webcast will also be able to enjoy the show on demand for 48 hours upon first viewing. Both the video and audio have been re-edited and remixed, respectively to give home viewers the best seat in the house for this historic concert. Experience the music of
The Allman Brothers in an entirely new way. Now available in Sony’s 360 Reality Audio via nugs.net Hi-Fi. Listen to The Brothers’ nearly four-hour show as if you were there.

The Brothers consists of founding Allman Brothers Band (ABB) drummer Jaimoe as well as longtime ABB guitarists Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks, bassist Oteil Burbridge and percussionist Marc Quinones, along with Widespread Panic drummer Duane Trucks and keyboardist Reese Wynans. Former ABB keyboardist (and longtime touring member of the Rolling Stones) Chuck Leavell joined as a special guest for many of the jams he helped create with the ABB.
The March 10 show is the last major concert to have taken place in New York before being shut down because of Covid-19. In a post-show interview with the Wall Street Journal, Jaimoe said, “It just felt like no BS, and all about music and love…I wanted to play music with my brothers. Everyone else is paying homage to the Allman Brothers music—and some of us are still here.” American Songwriter, (which described the show as a “massive success”) talked to Warren Haynes who said, “It was a very surreal night I think for all of us. It would have been under normal circumstances. But as we got closer and closer to show date, we were all wondering if we’re going to be allowed to play. We barely got in under the wire and then the next couple of days, they basically starting shutting down everything and canceling shows everywhere. It’s very bizarre that we turned out to be the last big show like that…I’m really glad that we were able to celebrate the 50th. When (original band member) Jaimoe
called everybody and said that he thought that we should do something for the 50th, we all instantly agreed and thought, yeah, let’s do this. In a lot of ways, it was a show that we had talked about doing as the Allman Brothers
Band but it never came to fruition. From the first moment of rehearsal it felt wonderful, and it just got better and better. I was very proud of everyone. From a musical standpoint, the band sounded wonderful. But there was so
much more at play.”

Speaking with RollingStone.com, Derek Trucks recalled, “When we first got to New York about a week before, there were no restrictions and no one was really thinking about [the virus] too much. I was being OCD with Purell, but you eat out; you’re on the road and that’s what you do. But now a thousand things go through your head…So that felt a little weird. But information was rolling out at such a trickle that it was hard to make sense of anything… We were doing four days of rehearsals and everyone was playing that music for the first time in a while and telling stories and remembering people we’d lost. You’re kind of in two different worlds. You’re of two minds. If you postpone six or eight months, you never know how it’s going to be between now and then. But it also felt like one of the last moments for a long time when people would be able to suspend reality and let go.” As for the concert itself, Derek said, “I was really proud of everyone onstage. I thought everyone’s head was in the right
place. That’s hard to do. There’s a lot of history with everyone on that stage, and you never know how that’s going to shake out. But it felt good. The spirit felt right.”

Critical quotes:
“The Brothers’ Madison Square Garden reunion show to celebrate the Allman Brothers Band's 50th anniversary on Tuesday (March 10) was, in a word, superb. From the first note to the last in the four-plus-hour performance,
the band played with urgency, intensity and creativity, breathing fire into one of rock's greatest catalogs…With virtually no interruptions even for guitar changes and few words said, they played marvelously well together,
veering effortlessly into modern jazz, deep blues and Indian ragas before falling right back onto the riff every time. It was exactly the type of tight but loose musical focus that made the Allman Brothers the best, hardest
hitting improvisational rock band of all time.” – Alan Paul, Billboard, 3/11/20

“During the course of four hours — two sets separated by a half-hour break — the Brothers paid bristling homage to the Allmans legacy in what amounted to a musical wake: an inspiring and often moving send-off to a band and the genre it pioneered…the players also brought plenty of firepower, heard in fierce first-set versions of ‘Trouble No More’ and ‘Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’.’ Whether it was intended or not, the night also proved what could be a template for the future of classic rock, which is now essentially the classical music of boomers. Dead & Co. have revived the sound and audience for the Grateful Dead’s music, with original members providing a link to the past. Yet what happens when almost all the original members of an iconic lineup are gone? Who
keeps the music going and how credible can it be without deteriorating into tribute-band cheesiness? At least for one night, the Brothers laid out that road map and provided hope that rock & roll may, possibly, never forget.” --
David Browne, Rolling Stone, 3/11/20

“Fifty years later one legendary room found a way to gather almost 20,000 people and get them to boogie once more to the music of legends and the magic of peaches and mushrooms.” --Ray Chelstowski, Goldmine, 3/11/20

The Allman Brothers Band played their first show on March 26, 1969 and went on to embark on a Hall Of Fame career, which came to a close with their final performance on October 28, 2014 at the Beacon Theatre in New York City.

Brad Serling, nugs.net Founder and CEO, added, “We could not be more thrilled about the opportunity to work with The Brothers on this PPV from MSG. The music that these performers helped to create is so incredibly special. We are very thankful to be able to help share this performance with ABB fans around the planet.”

More information about the Pay-Per-View can be found at https://2nu.gs/TheBrothersWebcast [2]

All those who bought it the first time get it for free.
Webcast: $12.99-HD | $19.99-4K | $19.99 HD+MP3 | $29.99 4K+MP3

nugs.net and The Brothers are also offering fans the ability to enjoy the audio from the show in Sony’s 360
Reality Audio. The unique format provides subscribers of nugs.net Hi-Fi the ability to hear the show as if they
are there during the performance.

The Brothers’ March 10, 2020 set list:
Don’t Want You No More/ It’s Not My Cross To Bear
Statesboro Blues
Trouble No More
Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’
Black Hearted Woman
Come and Go Blues
Stand Back
Mountain Jam
Blue Sky
Ain’t Wasting Time No More
Every Hungry Woman
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
No One to Run With
One Way Out
Midnight Rider
Whipping Post
About The Brothers

The Brothers are all the surviving members of the final ABB lineup: drummer Jaimoe, guitarists Warren Haynes
and Derek Trucks, bassist Oteil Burbridge and percussionist Marc Quinones. Reese Wynans was a member of
Second Coming, a band that pre-dated the formation of The Allman Brothers Band by just months and included
Duane Allman, Dickey Betts, Berry Oakley, Butch Trucks and Jaimoe. Duane Truck is Derek’s little brother,
whose uncle was ABB co-founder Butch Trucks. Duane is currently a drummer for Widespread Panic. Chuck
Leavell was first heard by ABB fans on Gregg’s first solo album, Laid Back, and joined the Allmans full-time in
1973 through their first hiatus in 1976.

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